Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Deconstructed couch

Happy New Year!!

I wanted to share with you this beautiful Victorian couch I bought yesterday!  I forgot to show you a before picture but trust me when I tell you that the seat area was BAD! The vinyl and foam has been removed. So now I have a deconstructed couch in the work area of Vintage Venue.

 Both arm rests also need some TLC....

I'm not sure how I will proceed, maybe covering the torn areas with more vinyl?? Just not sure yet....
The good news is that this baby will get painted with Vintage Market & Design® furniture Paint!
Stay tuned for more on this beauty....
                                   Be safe this New Years Eve!

                                                  Life is Good....

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Monday, December 29, 2014

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! 
Only a couple of more days before we enter 2015!!
2014 was good to us, all of us are in good health. 
Our two teenage boys are doing great in school
and are somewhat focused.haha

2015 will be a bittersweet year for us. Our oldest graduates
from high school and like every normal teenager, he wants
to move out and venture on his own.
(brings tears to my eyes)...blink...blink...blink. 

Tyler has always been our "Freebird"... as a matter a fact that's
the ring tone I have for him on my phone....

Happenings in Brevard County FL...
On Jan 9&10th
FUMC will be hosting their 
Indoor Vintage Market 
110 East New Haven 
Melbourne FL

Lots of local talent selling vintage treasures.
You will NOT be disappointed if you go.

Our VV dealers are amazing!!
They work so hard to find unique and OOK
treasures for their booths!
New inventory is always coming in....

Cute Story.....This sweet couple purchased this
beautiful cabinet yesterday so their puppy wouldn't eat
their books...haha

Do you drool over cool rusty chippy toolboxes with awesome colors like I do? A weakness....

My sweet gorgeous husband John is working on our street sign. Some idiot ran over our last sign...we built a bigger and better one!
Babe, you Rock!!!

Life is Good, 

P.S. I also have another blog called My Trinkets... Check it out.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Vintage Books

A friend brought in these amazing vintage books a couple of days ago. I love the worn weathered look to them. They were a big hit today!  We have them displayed through out the store.

All are from the late 1800's to early 1900's.
A great gift that's for sure...

After enjoying our 2 days off we opened the shop today, the 26th. We thought it would be slow but it really turned out to be a great day!   

We are looking forward to tomorrow, our road sign is going back up after being destroyed by a careless driver....stay tuned.

Life is Good....

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!
All of us at Vintage Venue wish you
a Merry Christmas and safe
Happy New Year!

After some deliberation, John and I decided
To close the shop on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

We have been enjoying time with our two
teenage boys, Tyler and Brandon.
And after a long day we are ready
To snuggle and watch some Christmas movies.

Life is Good,

Friday, December 5, 2014

Vintage Christmas Celebration

Our first annual Vintage Christmas Celebration is tomorrow!! We have been working hard to get our warehouse looking festive and joyous!

Here are a few pictures

Stay tuned for after party pictures...

Life is good....

Hello World

Hello out there,

Our first Vintage Venue blogspot post.

My husband John and I found this amazing 2,500 sq ft warehouse to start Vintage Venue. Why a warehouse? We really didn't want a brick and mortar place...we were looking for something more industrial, more of a Loft atmosphere. So when we walked into this place...Hello, you had me at large steel beams with two skylights AND the front of the warehouse has a storefront look with an adorable awning!!! 

We have been in business for almost 4 months now! Are we new to owning a business.... Do we know what we are it stressful? We have been asked these and several other questions along our 4 month journey. 

No, we are not new to owning a business, we used to have a computer business many years ago in CA., so I would say yes we do know what we are doing. 

Stressful? Is being awake late at night planning events, choosing different advertising venues, balancing family, home and business considered stressful? If so than yes I guess it's stressful.

Don't get me wrong.... I am not complaining. Starting a business is like having a new baby in the family BUT you learn to adjust and go with the flow.

Like my husband John always tells me...."if you're not having fun don't do it". His pretty savvy about these things.

Life is good...